On-ice skating seminar, 5–8pm on 19th August

We are delighted to invite our members to an on-ice skating seminar at Lee Valley Ice Centre on the evening of Sunday 19th August (5–8pm), run by Nicky Mack-Rose, former competitive figure skater and now a NISA accredited coach at Streatham Ice Rink.

Aimed at skaters working on passport or above, the seminar will include sessions on field moves (edges, turns, toe steps etc), linking movements to include spirals, split jumps, bauers and spread-eagles, a jumps session (to include sequences) and spins. There will also be an introduction to beginner pairs which you can either do in pairs or solo! No need to come with an experienced partner — participants will be encouraged to try their new skills in same-sex pairs and swap partners during the session.

The price for the three hour seminar is £45 for sign-ups (including payment) on or before 31st July, reverting to £50 for sign-ups after this “early bird” period. Please note that you must be a member of the club to participate. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis — if we do not receive payment within 24 hours of signing up, we reserve the right to offer the space to another skater.

To sign up, please fill in the form available here and make payment to the details set out in the form. We will operate a reserve list once the event becomes fully subscribed — please email londonadultfsc@gmail.com to be added to this list.

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