Natural History Museum Rink Launch Party

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Skaters from LAFSC helped to launch the Natural History Museum’s Christmas rink

Skaters from LAFSC helped to launch the Natural History Museum’s Christmas rink this week, showing off their skills before wobbly celebrities took to the ice.

The launch party organisers included us in their guest list, in order to give the first outdoor skating event of the season a bit of extra figure skating pizzazz. The beautiful large Christmas tree in the centre of the rink meant extra care had to be taken when setting up jumps. Nevertheless, new club member Lulu Alexandra was able to land some impressive double Salchows. Spins and footwork from our skaters also impressed the party guests as they arrived.

By the end of an hour, we’d been joined by lots of penguin-pushing youngsters and various TV and radio stars (you can see some photos here — spot the LAFSC skaters in the background) so we decided to head indoors. There we were given refreshments including hot chocolate and delicious pumpkin doughnuts. And in one last lovely surprise, we were given Lindt chocolate bears as we left!

Rink Review:

The ice was good quality and some skaters found it particularly good for spinning. Autumn leaves falling from the overhanging trees are likely to be a bit of a problem for the first couple of weeks — some were embedded in the ice. And it’s a good size, although there is an inconvenient Christmas tree in the centre!

The organisers say that practice and “tricks” will be permitted on normal public sessions, if they are quiet enough for that to be safe.

Information about the rink is here. For our student members, it’s also worth mentioning that they do a significant student discount and a FREE DRINK until December 9 if you have an NUS card.