2014 AGM

Report from the Chair

In its first year the club has grown members, has held two club competitions and several other events. We have also begun promising relationships with some of London’s rinks, coaches and judges.

The feedback from the two competitions was excellent from both competitors and coaches. Several participants got their first ever experience of competition, while the rest of us got some much-needed practice at performing in front of judges.

The opportunity to skate at the Natural History Museum rink’s VIP opening party was a terrific one — the club seized it and those who came along had a fun time.

The off ice training events have been enjoyable and challenging but so far had very low turn out. It will be worth exploring what members would like, if anything, in this regard.

For the future, the club is in contact with Skate Southern, who organise the big IJS Open at Lee Valley, about supporting them to add adult categories to the event in September. One thing that would help them to do this would be if some of our members were to be available as volunteers on the other days of the event.

With more members (and thus an increased reserve of funds) it should be possible to book more ice time and hold more on-ice events.

The club has affiliated to NISA and is insured under its clubs’ policy, which means club competitions can be held without additional permits and won’t affect skaters’ eligibility. We can also sign people’s papers for international interclub/invitiationals.

A very big thank you to all of the committee members for all of their hard work during the year, at events, behind-the-scenes and in the discussions we’ve had to work out how to achieve things for the club.

And many thanks to everyone who has joined and taken part in what the club has done so far.

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