Summer Skills Competition 2015

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These will be the categories for our next club competition, on Sunday June 21st, 5pm–8pm at Lee Valley Ice Centre. See below for the rules.

The online entry form is HERE. If you have any questions, please contact us via the London Adult Skating Facebook page or email


  1. Beginners — should not have passed Skate UK Level 10

    • Two foot spin
    • Forward crossovers for a complete circle (minimum 4 crosses)
    • Drag
  2. Spin Jump Spiral 1 — should not have passed Passport Gold Free

    • Upright spin
    • Three jump
    • Forward spiral
  3. Spin Jump Spiral 2 — should not have passed level 2 elements or level 2 free

    • Upright spin
    • Salchow or toe loop jump
    • Forward outside spiral
  4. Spin Jump Spiral 3 — should not have passed level 4 elements or level 4 free

    • Any basic position spin (upright, camel or sit)
    • Loop or flip jump
    • A sequence of two spirals
  5. Spin Jump Spiral 4 — open to all levels

    • Lutz or Axel
    • Either a combination spin with one change of position, or a single position spin with one change of foot
    • A sequence of two spirals
  6. Free Dance Elements 1 — should not have passed Passport Gold Dance

    • Full single rotation twizzle of the skater’s choice, either foot.
    • Single pose of 3–6 sec (e.g. attitude, spiral, drag, crouch, tea pot, spread, Ina Bauer). Pose need not be on an edge.
    • A seven step dance sequence, as described for the silver passport test. (Right forward inside open mohawk. RBO run. RBO cross in-front LBI. Step forwards RFI. Repeated twice)
  7. Free Dance Elements 2 — should not have passed level 2 Free Dance

    • Twizzle sequence of skater’s choice (to include 2 twizzles with no more than 3 steps in between).
    • Combined pose of skater’s choice (including 2 poses, as above, with no more than three steps in between, each pose held for min 3 sec).
    • Single position dance spin.
  8. Pattern Dance 1 — should not have passed Passport Gold Dance

    • Solo Novice Foxtrot (one complete circuit of the rink)
  9. Pattern Dance 2 — should not have passed level 2 pattern dance

    • Solo Canasta Tango (two sequences, forming one complete circuit of the rink)


  1. Participants must be fully paid up members of London Adult Figure Skating Club. To join, email Marie on

  2. Competitors in categories 1–7 will be required to perform three elements in a linked sequence not exceeding 1 minute. Competitors in categories 8 & 9 will do the dance pattern for one complete circuit of the rink.

  3. In categories 1–7, the elements may be skated in any order, with forward/backward stroking/crossovers and any necessary linking steps/turns.

  4. Categories 1–7 will take place on half ice, with the remaining space used for the next group to warm-up. Categories 8 & 9 will take place on full ice.

  5. Competitors who don’t take tests should place themselves in the most appropriate category based on where they would be if they did test, on an honour basis.

  6. The club committee reserves the right to split, combine or cancel categories as it sees fit.

  7. Competitors in the Beginners category may only enter that category. Competitors may enter one Spin Jump Spiral category, one Free Dance Elements category and/or one Pattern Dance category (i.e. a maximum of three categories but no two of the same type).

  8. Background music and pattern dance music will be provided. Skaters may not perform to their own music.

  9. The judges’ decisions are final.

  10. Trophies will be awarded to the winner in each category. All entrants will receive a goody bag and participation certificate.

  11. Entry fee is £12 for the first category entered and £10 for any additional categories.

  12. No refunds will be given for withdrawals.

  13. All entries must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee or the application will be void.

  14. Places are limited and will be allocated in order of date of receipt of entry.

  15. Closing date for entries is June 10 and no late entries will be accepted.

  16. Either competition-style costume or a smart test-style outfit which allows the judges to see your lines will be acceptable dress code.

  17. No flash may be used rinkside. Please sign the permission slip on the entry form to allow any pictures you appear in to be used for club publicity.